Getting started with Swf2XNA

By robin, July 1, 2010 5:04 am

Swf2XNA is now live! This is an open source (BSD) program that allows you to make Windows/XBox/Win7 games by leveraging Flash for assets and layout, as well as using Box2D visually. It makes 2D games in XNA quite simple to make!

There is a reasonable amount of documentation, some videos, and a lot of sample code and components. If you have any questions, feel free to email or ask on twitter (I’m there more often than anywhere – @debreuil).

Getting Started with Swf2XNA

Swf2XNA Components

12 Responses to “Getting started with Swf2XNA”

  1. Alex Hogan says:

    Wow this is amazing! So generous of you to release it out to people!

    I can’t wait to get into it!

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  3. Have to agree fantastic stuff, saw this when it first appeared on codeplex and have been watching since, great work getting the blog post up. You even have a mention now on Shawn Hargreaves blog!!!.
    Anyone else readig this should also check out your particles post, which is just astounding. Going to try and use that on WP7 in my own tutorial series soon.

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  6. Jimmy D says:

    I just wanted to say, you rock!

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  9. no says:

    there is a movie about feynman:

    btw. didn’t found the lectures

  10. Hi, all of the documentation seems to mention Box2D is it possible to use this library to simple move assets such as movie clips from Flash to XNA? At that point you could use any off the shelf physics library or roll your own. I guess the use case I’d like to enable is exporting a swc file from Flash and using its content inside a XNA project.

  11. robin says:

    Hi Alex,

    Yes, at heart the library move swf assets into XNA via a swf content pipeline. It converts them to bitmaps, and then creates a map of the layout and nesting of the various graphic primitives. If you don’t use physics, it will just convert the flash graphics and layout info to something the xna engine can use.

    The only change with box2d is that:

    1) it looks for 1px red outlines without fills, and converts those to ccw point lists which are added as metadata, and

    2) it looks for specially named joint assets, and maps those locations as metadata to the appropriate symbol.

    You could actually hook into that metadata fairly easily and get physics layout for a different physics library. A brief description of the generated object is here, but essentially it maps the swf objects with in definitions and instances, and then adds shape metatdata like:

    <V2DShape IsCircle="false" Radius="0" CenterX="0" CenterY="0">

    and joint metadata like:

    <V2DJoint Type="Revolute" Name="rFlower" Body1="_root" Body2="flower" X="196.3" Y="156.25" />

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